For your piece of ‘Broadleaf’ furniture or product to keep its striking appearance, from time to time you will need to show it the love it deserves. You will know when it needs your attention when the surface of the timber starts to look a little dry or dull. Unless you have specified a custom finish we either use a hardwax oil for furniture or Danish food safe oil for kitchen products (NEVER use hardwax oil on kitchenware that is used as a surface to put food on). Both of these finishes are easy to reapply and will restore your ‘Broadleaf’ piece to its former glory. Below is a step by step guide to care for your ‘Broadleaf’ products, the process is the same for hardwax oil and danish oil. We use a high quality hardwax oil made by Finney’s of chesterfield, or rustins Danish oil for Kitchen products, we recommend you do the same.


  • Any blemishes or surface scratches will need to be sanded out in the direction of the grain. For light damage start with 80 grit paper and remove the mark, then quickly finish with 120 grit then 240 grit. For more serious damage you may need fillers or waxes to match the timber. If you are unsure how to proceed please contact us.
  • Try to remove all dust with a duster then using a damp cloth (water only) wipe all surfaces you wish to refinish and allow to dry.
  • Take a lint free cloth and apply a small amount of oil to the cloth. There should not be so much that it is dripping wet. Rub the oil into the surface of the wood and make sure your finishing strokes are in the direction of the grain of the wood. Take your time, be patient and apply small amounts to small areas rather than trying to work the whole piece at once.
  • If there is an excess or drips remove with a dry lint free cloth, again your strokes should be in the direction of the grain.
  • Allow 3 to 4 hours between coats with a maximum of 2 coats to be applied. you should not use the surface of furniture for 48 hours although we find the finish is pretty robust after only a night. Drying times may vary due to humidity, UV exposure and atmospheric temperature.


This Care guide is meant to help you keep your ‘Broadleaf’ products looking as good as they deserve. We will not accept responsibility for poor execution of the procedure described. If you are concerned about any steps in this guide please contact us for further advice or seek the help of a local expert.